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Your premier destination for buying, selling, and trading heavy machinery. With a focus on providing competitive bids for all makes and models, we assist clients in liquidating fleets or downsizing operations. Specializing in large heavy machinery for pipeline, construction, dirt moving, and specialty equipment, we offer cost-effective solutions compared to larger dealers. Whether you’re upgrading, downsizing, or seeking to trade across, we aim to facilitate long-term trades, allowing you to explore global markets for the best deals. Discover the difference with BTARP today.


With suppliers around the world we offer incredible deals and unbeatable value right from your office. Let us open up a world of possibilities for you!

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Explore BTarp's advanced excavators, essential for earthmoving operations, equipped with robust features including buckets, arms, rotating cabs, and versatile tracks. These machines excel in trenching, heavy lifting, and mining tasks.

bull dozer


Meet our robust dozers, designed for earthmoving with powerful front blades and rear rippers. They handle soil, sand, rocks, and debris with ease, ensuring top performance on rough terrains. Trust BTarp for top-quality models.



Essential for compacting surfaces in construction and road projects. Whether you need grid, pneumatic, sheepsfoot, smooth wheeled or static, double drum or tandem we are sure to have a roller for all of your paving needs.

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